EB-3 Visa USA : All Requirements That you need to know!
Employment Based Immigration – Skilled Workers – Professionals and Other Unskilled Workers

About EB3 Visa

EB3 visa is a Third Priority Worker visa that allows three types of workers (skilled, professionals, and unskilled) to go to the US permanently and work there.


Eligibilities and requirements for EB-3 Visa

Your eligibility is based on your education, skills and work experience.
Skilled Workers
Unskilled Workers

How to process your file?

Your employer must:
The documents required for an EB3 visa application are the following:

What next?

What are the EB3 visa fees?

There are many fees which both the US employer and the foreign worker must pay for the EB3 visa.
Your employer and you will have to pay the following fees:
The EB-3 has a few fees to take into account before applying: