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Temporary resident applications from intending organ donors

The following procedures apply when assessing a temporary resident visa (TRV) application from an applicant wishing to enter Canada for the purpose of donating an organ to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada.

Eligibilities and requirements for the visa:

  1. Three criteria should guide the initial assessment of the application.
    1. Evidence of medical compatibility between the donor and the recipient
    2. Evidence of satisfactory financial arrangements
    3. Evidence that a sale of human organ is not being transacted
  2. In addition to the above three criteria, the officer should consider other factors that are relevant to establishing the bona fides of an applicant
  3. If the applicant has been found to be inadmissible for any reason, the visa officer may wish to consider whether the issuance of a temporary resident permit (TRP) is justified in the circumstances.